Always lives life to the fullest, and follows her dreams.


In her early years, she was talent spotted, and became a model and actress. 


She then followed her calling as a writer, as an international journalist covering general interest articles, as well as interviewing prominent people from all walks of life. 


She has traveled extensively, meeting interesting and fascinating people from diverse cultures. 


Whenever encountering doors to the unknown, she has never hesitated to step through,

with excitement and fervour!


Her passion for art led her to open her own fine art consulting business, working with major auction houses, interior designers, architects, private clients,  among others, all over the world,

which she found utterly enthralling.


Throughout her life, she had always been told she had a beautiful, calming and healing voice. 

In latter years, she has become a voice artist, thus combining her passions through a fusion of

Creativity and Beauty, with the Healing Frequencies of

Sound, Literature and Art.


Looking back over a rich, eventful life, she now realises this had always been her intended path.


 Let her show you what a difference a

Voice Between Worlds

can make.

"That voice. The first time I heard that voice I wasn't sure whether I'd just heard a Rumi poem or had a celestial visitation. It was that much of a peak listening experience. The more I listened, the more insistent I became that Marie-Pierre narrate something of mine. I didn't care if it was a book, a script or a recipe for shrimp scampi. I just wanted that voice caressing my words. Listen to a clip or three. I guarantee you'll feel that way, too." 

~ Burt Kempner

Writer and Filmmaker

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