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Former international journalist, model and actress


I adore literature, art, and culture which led me

to a past career in the art world


I am fluent in English, French and Italian

My voice has been used across diverse medias, including audio books, videos, e-learning and more for  authors,  corporations,

and private clients

By combining my passions through a fusion of

Creativity and Beauty,

I produce audio and video media

Thus merging the Worlds of

Sound, Literature and Art.


"That voice. The first time I heard that voice I wasn't sure whether I'd just heard a Rumi poem or had a celestial visitation. It was that much of a peak listening experience. The more I listened, the more insistent I became that Marie-Pierre narrate something of mine. I didn't care if it was a book, a script or a recipe for shrimp scampi. I just wanted that voice caressing my words. Listen to a clip or three. I guarantee you'll feel that way, too." 

~ Burt Kempner

Writer and Filmmaker

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