“ Marie-Pierre’s words speak magick into my soul. She has the ability to evoke emotions through her words and voice , that touch my heart, mind and soul.”


~Tracy Neely
Intuitive Soul Priestess and Healer

"That voice. The first time I heard that voice I wasn't sure whether I'd just heard a Rumi poem or had a celestial visitation. It was that much of a peak listening experience. The more I listened, the more insistent I became that Marie-Pierre narrate something of mine. I didn't care if it was a book, a script or a recipe for shrimp scampi. I just wanted that voice caressing my words. Listen to a clip or three. I guarantee you'll feel that way, too." 

~ Burt Kempner

Writer and Filmmaker

“Words of meaning spoken by a woman with a voice that truly captures the audience’s heart..... I absolutely know that when I see the next reading placed before me,  I feel compelled to listen.The art is divine, and seriously dresses the eyes with feelings silken so soft,  it’s all divine. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Well done!”

Angela Kirby
Intuitive Healer, Art Therapist and Counsellor

“Marie-Pierre is a soulful, magical, enchanting expression of poetry and art, a celebration of love, passion, and wonder. Her beautiful, enrapturing voice brings poetry and the visual arts alive.

On cold, dreary winter nights, her beauty, charm, and poetry bring so much joy, hope, and warmth to my dispirited heart.”


~ David Stoner



“Marie-Pierre, is one of those rare finds in the world of art and words.
She has a distinctive touch, which conveys the spirit of the message she is sharing. There is a sensitivity to her work, which feeds my soul every time. 
Ethereal, may be the word that describes it best, but with an added sense of substance and grounding. It is always a sweet discovery to witness her next creation.”

~ Monika Carless,

Author, Intuitive Coach

“Marie-Pierre’s poetry is a breath of fresh air that truly, madly, deeply warms one’s heart. Always so eloquent are the chosen verses, artwork in all its forms .. enveloped by her voice that touches the depths of one’s soul. 
I AM so grateful for it ALL!”

~ Patti Pooley-Boyer

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